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Lerato Moloko



Today I got pampered. There are levels to this. This girl has her own makeup bag. I learned how to apply my own makeup. The last time I had makeup besides the odd lipstick or gloss and mascara was for my Matric Dance. Don’t laugh.
I promised to draw my own eyebrows and I got to do that. I even forgot had my second chemo cycle session for 2022. The ostrich eye lids are waiting… Lol. The session was fun, fun, fun. I so loved the workshop too bits.
I am still adjusting to the cold therapy. When the nurse brings out those gloves my brain just wants to run. When inserting my hands in the cold gloves I count 30s to 60s and quickly pull them out. You must see me. Lol. If it were heat therapy, I am sure we would be friends by now.
My diva veins came to the party. No struggles today. They must have read the vibe – Not today. Lol.
Love You! Do You! Be You!
Look Good…Feel Better helps women and men facing the trauma and stress of cancer, assisting them to overcome the distressing appearance-related side effects of their treatment.