Look Good Feel Better & Avon Justine: Transforming Lives at the Donald Gordon Oncology Unit

Look Good Feel Better & Avon Justine: Transforming Lives at the Donald Gordon Oncology Unit

There are certain experiences, certain moments that have the power to change our perspectives, our lives, and our outlook towards the world. Today was such a day for the Look Good Feel Better Team, who hosted a self-care workshop at Wits Donald Gordon Hospital. To make the day even more special, they were joined by the amazing ladies of Avon Justine.

Avon Justine is one of the founding members of the Look Good Feel Better initiative in the fight against cancer. The ladies from Avon Justine shared their expert makeup tips and, by all accounts, enjoyed their interactions with the cancer patients.


Here’s a story from one of the patients who attended the workshop, a testament to the power of compassion, community, and care in the face of life’s toughest challenges.

An Unexpected Invitation

Tricia Harrison, a patient at the unit, walked in one morning, anticipating her next chemotherapy session with the usual dread. To her surprise, she was asked if she’d like to attend a workshop hosted at the unit. Despite her initial reluctance and a feeling of misery, she accepted the invitation.

Now, Tricia says she’s incredibly glad that she did.

A Ray of Sunshine

Tricia shares, “I cannot tell you how much your foundation uplifted a few of us ladies today. It was so much fun that I genuinely forgot that I was receiving the ‘juice.'” She was blown away by the professional team that hosted the event and the notion behind it.

The experience didn’t just provide a momentary distraction from the ordeal, but it also made her feel like ‘a million bucks.’ It brought a breath of fresh air into the otherwise mundane and challenging life of battling cancer.

Connecting with Others

Another significant aspect of the workshop was that it gave Tricia an opportunity to connect with others going through the same journey. It’s these connections and shared experiences that can often provide immense strength and comfort.

In her words, “I also managed to connect with others going through this.”

Gratitude and Encouragement

Tricia extends a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of the individuals involved in this amazing work. She requests them to make their page shareable on Facebook, so she can follow, share events, and encourage others to get involved if they can.

Final Words

The story of Tricia is a shining example of how small acts of kindness can create huge impacts. As she puts it, ‘Today, I feel like a million bucks, and it makes such a difference in the mundane life of the big C.’ Let’s take a moment to appreciate the work done by these foundations and the strength of individuals like Tricia who continue to inspire us. Thank you Avon Justine for joining us to help cancer patients FIGHT CANCER WITH CONFIDENCE!

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