Gratitude Overflowing: A Heartfelt Tribute to Look Good Feel Better for Adding Colour to Our Lives”

Gratitude Overflowing: A Heartfelt Tribute to Look Good Feel Better for Adding Colour to Our Lives”






















Treatment for cancer (chemo, surgery, radiation, etc) often leaves one totally worn out…physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. The changes that we undergo can at most times leave one feeling very vulnerable, no matter how strong or positive you try to be. The person you used to be slowly fades as your weight fluctuates, you lose your hair ( ALL your hair!), and your facial features change. Bags and dark circles under the eyes become your new daily “accessory”! No matter what others say to try and console you, your self-confidence takes a HUGE nose dive!

Today, I got to experience an absolutely amazing workshop amongst fellow survivors and warriors! We had angels from @Look Good Feel Better, @Enhance Beauty Clinic, and @Royal Hospital totally pamper and spoil us. Although we were so generously spoilt with amazing goodies….we all left empowered with knowledge and skills of how to navigate through the changes that our bodies were undergoing/ have undergone. Learning how to add a little color to our faces, cover up those ever obvious dark circles and “replace” the balding eyebrows was totally amazing! The team of Angels went further and taught us (with a good demonstration as well) on how to take care of our now fragile, ever sensitive skin. Losing ones hair can be the most earth shattering experience because not only is it a constant reminder of the battle you’re facing, but it screams to the whole world that you have cancer. A women’s crown is deemed one of her most beautiful traits after all.

The team of Angels taught us how to fold and wear a headscarf in the most beautiful way! 😍 Not only did it look totally elegant, but it gave a sense of security that would keep the eyes and unwanted attention away.
I had the privilege of being the “model” today which not only taught me a few skin and make up tricks, but gave me the confidence to be comfortable again having people’s focus on me again. Sitting up front I was also able to witness an amazing sight….I got to see radiant smiles, care free faces and hear the most beautiful laughter amongst my fellow warriors!!

Thank you to the sponsors for all the goodies and for adding a little extra color into our lives.
A huge thank you to the team at Look Good Feel Better and Enhance Beauty Clinic for taking time to add sunshine into the lives of complete strangers! Not forgetting Shubnam and team from Royal Hospital for partnering with this amazing organization (LGFB) and hosting us ladies at your hospital.
Today I left Royal Hospital with an extra bounce in my step, sparkle in my eye and beautiful red lips, looking good and feeling totally better indeed!

Thank you all for the love and light that you brought into our lives today.

Forever grateful,
Karen Hadden
Breast cancer survivor

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