Diemiso Ntombela Shares Her Journey

Diemiso Ntombela Shares Her Journey

From Cancer Patient To LGFB Volunteer

Hi guys, I just want to share with you the amazing journey that I had during the past year with Look Good Feel Better Foundation. This is a very wonderful foundation that has helped me and so many other ladies through our cancer journey.

Basically, what Look Good Feel Better does is they  visit different hospitals, and they encourage cancer patients and help us with makeup, give us makeup tutorials and teach cancer patients how to apply their own makeup.

So I was very privileged to have met an amazing group of ladies who volunteer their time in helping all cancer patients look good and feel better. So I wanted to be part of this amazing journey. So I asked the  ladies if I could join them and I’ve been a volunteer for the past year and I have loved every moment. It is so inspirational to see cancer patients that have no hope and then you just go there and you give them this makeup and tell them that they still look beautiful, encourage them,  help them to apply the makeup. You know it’s just a beautiful experience and it’s so heartwarming to see that so many people volunteer their time and yeah, I’ve also decided to do some posters just to raise awareness  and let people know that cancer is not a death sentence. You can still live your life and still be beautiful after cancer.

So, this is the VAAL team. We go to Vereeniging Medi-Clinic, and we go to the Oncology  side, and we just encourage people. It makes us also feel good just to give back to the cancer community because  cancer is a lot. We go through a lot as cancer patients. It is not easy but with encouraging supportive foundations like this you you manage to have hope and I was so so privileged to have been part of this beautiful beautiful foundation this year and just to have the platform to be able  to tell my story and to be able to encourage others who have gone through the same thing as I have went through and yeah to meet all the wonderful ladies that I’ve worked with. Thank you, Look Good Feel Better!

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