FEEL BETTER SESSIONS: Patient feedback from Twanayne Brink

FEEL BETTER SESSIONS: Patient feedback from Twanayne Brink

We are always humbled when we receive feedback from patients after attending a LGFB Self-Care Workshop.

To The Amazing LGFB team and wonderful Sponsors. I would just like to Say Thank you from the bottom of my Heart for The amazing work you All do❤️ it Definitely does not Go Unnoticed 💗💗One of the biggest things Cancer Steals from a woman is our Beauty and Thanx To LGFB They Teach you how to take it Right back💪🏻 we learnt tips and tricks to Make you feel Radiant, Strong, self-confident and beautiful💗and let’s not forget about the learning to draw the perfect eyebrows😚Chemo has fried my brain a little so my memory is not the greatest on the best of Days but I will never forget the Day I Spent with LGFB. ❤️💗💖

I’m not the best at words but you have no idea how amazing your work is. You are all I talk about I think about you every I do my cleanser toner and cream. And everyone so jealous about my urban decay honey pallet. I really meant what I said cancer is not an easy journey but meeting you and your team was the best. Looking around that room and seeing how those ladies’ eyes light up and sparkled! You made everyone in that room shine even if they were feeling poor you and your team are so amazing!!!


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