Together all our actions matter

 Last year on World Cancer Day, Look Good Feel Better celebrated the global reach and positive impact of our program by sharing four extraordinary numbers from our 2019 Global Participant Survey of more than 26,000 women representing 16 countries:

  • 98% of survey respondents said they would recommend Look Good Feel Better to other women in cancer treatment
  • 97% said they felt supported by Look Good Feel Better and other participants
  • 95% appreciated what they learned and found value in the program
  • 92% left their workshop feeling confident in their appearance

For 2020, I have one more extraordinary number to share – 90%.

This year, in the midst of the pandemic that forced us to rapidly pivot to change the way we deliver the Look Good Feel Better program, 90% of Look Good Feel Better global affiliates launched or enhanced virtual programming or online resources. In SA we kept delivering bags with clear guidelines and also offered the opportunity for virtual workshops. This ensured that women in 24 countries around the world, could still find comfort, support, and community when they felt more isolated and more vulnerable than ever.

The focus for this year’s World Cancer Day is “Together all our actions matter.” I cannot think of a more powerful example of this theme in action than our global Look Good Feel Better team and the work we have done over this past year.

To the entire Look Good Feel Better global leadership, our partners in the beauty industry and our healthcare providers, our volunteers and staff, and especially the brave women we continue to support and serve – THANK YOU!

We look forward to the day when our lives return to a version of pre-pandemic normal. While we cannot predict when that will be, we know one thing for sure. Regardless of circumstance, Look Good Feel Better will be there to help people at an emotional, turbulent, and difficult time in their lives to rediscovering confidence, and enjoy the warm embrace of a welcoming, like-minded community of fellow patients and compassionate volunteers determined to spread hope and joy.

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