Grateful for Estée Lauder’s R200,000 Donation to Look Good Feel Better

Grateful for Estée Lauder’s R200,000 Donation to Look Good Feel Better


Estée Lauder’s kindness shines bright as they generously donate R200,000 to Look Good Feel Better. This heartfelt gift reminds us of the wonderful things that can happen when caring companies team up with important causes.

Supporting Those in Need

Look Good Feel Better is a Non Profit Company cope with the appearance related side-effects of chemotherapy. They do this by offering beauty workshops and self-care sessions. Estée Lauder’s generous donation will help even more people facing cancer find strength and confidence during their tough times.

Beauty Inside and Out

Estée Lauder is known for more than just makeup – they care about people’s hearts too. Their support means a lot to Look Good Feel Better because it shows they understand how feeling good about yourself can help you heal and stay positive, especially when fighting cancer.

Working Together for Good

Estée Lauder’s gift shows how powerful it is when we all work together. By helping Look Good Feel Better, they’re helping people in a meaningful way. It’s a perfect match between a caring company and a cause that makes a real difference.

Joining Hands to Make a Change

As we say thank you to Estée Lauder, we also invite others to get involved. You can help by donating money, volunteering your time, or telling others about Look Good Feel Better. Small acts of kindness can have a big impact on people’s lives.

Estée Lauder’s R200,000 donation to Look Good Feel Better is a wonderful example of how big-hearted actions can bring positive change. We appreciate their support and are excited to keep working together to bring hope and strength to those who need it most. Thank you, Estée Lauder, for your generosity and caring spirit.

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