Would you like to give of your time to assist at a LGFB workshop
demonstrate your skills and expertise should you be a qualified
beauty professional?
If so - call us!

Role of the Volunteer

·  Participate in a half day’s orientation programme 
·  Participate in a 2 hour Look Good …Feel Better beauty workshop once every six weeks, typically for 12 patients, in a hospital, clinic or interim home.  
·  Demonstrate the 12 step skin care and make-up regime
· Teach patients new skills and how effectively to use their gift bags of products
·  Ensure that the sessions are lively and fun filled with everyone leaving looking fabulous  

Become a Volunteer


Making the Commitment
Special talents and skills, a warm and caring attitude, an ability to connect with people...
describes a Look Good…Feel Better volunteer.

Share your expertise. Wouldn’t it be truly great to make an enormous difference in the lives of women at a time when they need it most?

To volunteer your time and expertise, please contact us at
Volunteer Comments

Diane Ritchie
has experienced the trauma of cancer treatment. She says “It gives me so much joy to be involved in this incredible programme. It’s such a privilege to be part of a group of volunteers who give up their time to help lift the spirits of ladies receiving treatment for cancer and to help them regain their confidence and their femininity.”




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