12 Steps


The Twelve Step Skincare and Make-Up Programme


Cleanse and Tone

Use an eye makeup remover and cleanser
to remove makeup and the  day’s grime.
Then use toner to freshen and complete cleansing.


To alleviate dryness and maintain moisture balance apply moisturiser over face,
eye and neck massaging in an upward motion. Gently apply eye cream to delicate areas around the eyes using the ring finger.


Minimises dark circles under the eyes, facial reddening and blemishes. Gently blend with finger tips.


Evens out the skin tone and provides a base for colour. Apply with finger tips, blending carefully at hairline and jaw line. 



Gently press on all over the face including eyes to set and prolong life of foundation. Then lightly brush off excess with a cotton pad, using downward strokes.


Brush lightly on to cheeks starting with the “apple” and blend in an upward motion towards the ear.


A neutral matte base shade is applied over the entire eyelid and up to the brow. A darker shade is then blended in a ‘triangle’ from the outer corner of the eye towards the middle and along the the lash line.Complementary shades can define and brighten eyes.


To create an illusion of fuller lashes and define eyes, a thin line is drawn along the upper lid and from centre of lower lid outwards. Soften with a cotton bud.


Thin or absent brows can be recreated using short feathery strokes. Shape eyebrows by lining a pencil up with the edge of the nose and placing dots above the inside corner of the eye, the arch and the end point. The guide pencil should be held vertically against the nose and moved in an arc to line up with the outside corner of the eye. The resulting guide dots can then be joined using upward strokes. Can also use a brow shaper.


Apply to the top and underside of the upper lashes and use the tip of the wand to define the lower lashes.


Define lipline and prevent feathering and smudging. Use well sharpened pencil to follow natural line working from the centre outwards on both top and lower lip.


Lipstick can brighten a lady’s looks and lift her spirits. Fill in outline drawn using a lip brush for richer, longer lasting coverage.


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